• Metro Parent: Giving Parents A Break: Oregon's Efforts to Adopt a Paid Family Leave Law
  • Stark, Miller Introduce Historic Paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation

Current Legislative Efforts

  • H.R. 5873: Family Leave Insurance Act of 2008
  • S. 3140: Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2008


  • Sloan Work and Family Research Network
  • National Partnership for Women & Families
  • Moms Rising
  • Take Care Net
  • Activistas
  • Children First for Oregon
  • Nursing Mothers Council
  • Institute for Women's Policy Research



  • Paid Leave Fact Sheet (Institute for Women's Policy Research ~ 7.08) by


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November 18, 2008


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Cristina Anton Villa

I'm european living and working in the US for the subsidiary of an European company. When I became pregnant last year, what was my big surprise to learn that in the USA the law only allowed 12 weeks of maternity leave without pay (unless stated otherwise by the employer) and none for the father. It was a shock and psychologically very difficult for me to accept that I could only spend with my baby 6 weeks paid at 80% of my salary plus 2 more that I decided to take on vacation. Why was it so difficult? Because, if I was in France (where I was living right before coming to the US), I would have enjoyed 16 weeks of maternity leave fully paid and my husband would have enjoyed 2 weeks fully paid as well. On to of that, because of the paid vacation in France and of what they call RTT (work time reduction compensation days), some of our friends are enjoying up to 6 months of leave with their babies.
I just cannot understand why such a great, rich and developped country, such as the USA, can fall behind so much when it comes to assure the well-being (physical and psychological) of the our future - our children.

Jenni Simonis

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