• Metro Parent: Giving Parents A Break: Oregon's Efforts to Adopt a Paid Family Leave Law
  • Stark, Miller Introduce Historic Paid Family and Medical Leave Legislation

Current Legislative Efforts

  • H.R. 5873: Family Leave Insurance Act of 2008
  • S. 3140: Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2008


  • Sloan Work and Family Research Network
  • National Partnership for Women & Families
  • Moms Rising
  • Take Care Net
  • Activistas
  • Children First for Oregon
  • Nursing Mothers Council
  • Institute for Women's Policy Research



  • Paid Leave Fact Sheet (Institute for Women's Policy Research ~ 7.08) by


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October 08, 2008


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Lance Paul Krzywicki

I have no problem with paid leave as long as those you do not have children rec' the same benefits. If you decide to have a child, "that is your business." I have to pay school tax and other taxes that I do not benefit from. So, why should I have to pay more taxes for some one to get paid leave? I feel that a single person should also get the same leave time, it is only fair! Why should we be second class citizens because we
do not have children. Since I am single, I always have the holiday duties, because I don't have a family. Well, I do! I have parents and siblings. I feel if you get paid family leave so should all single individuals in the work force. Also, not one person in my family has attended public schools and yet we had to pay taxes for the schools. So hopefully, if this bill passes all single people will unite and demand tax breaks. The last time I looked, America was still a free country not a socialist one. Benefits should be for all,not just a few........


A paid family leave bill would include time off to care for many different family members - not just children. So even if you don't have children you should be able to take this benefit when you need it.

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